2021 Season Tickets - Renewal Only

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Handling Fees

Each Season Ticket is subject to a handling fee (included in the final product price). Child Season Tickets have a €2.50 handling fee and there is a €5 handling fee for all other Season Tickets.


All orders placed Wednesday December 16th onward will be processed and printed mid-late January 2020. 

Please note the following:

  • This is for Renewals only; buyers must be a 2020 Season Ticket Holder to purchase a 2021 Season Ticket at this point. All 2021 Season Tickets purchased will be cross-checked with last years Season Ticket Holders and anyone found to be a new purchaser will have their order cancelled 
  • Season Ticket will be issued for each person
  • Season Ticket does not entitle entry. E-ticket will be issued prior to match to those eligible to gain entry
  • Members are entitled to first access to matches, other Season Ticket Holders thereafter 
  • All 2021 Season Tickets are non-refundable 
  • Season Ticket prices have allowed for the previous July 2020 restart benefits package offer (€10 retail voucher & €20/€10 reduction on 2021 season ticket)
  • Wheelchair users are asked to notify tickets@shamrockrovers.ie of their purchase and to request their complimentary Helper Season Ticket
  • Ages are as of Feb 1st 2021
  • In the confirmation email, purchasers will be asked to identify personal details of the Season Ticket Holder. This must be completed and Order ID from the confirmation email quoted in the survey
  • Full Season Ticket Terms and Conditions can be found here